Green Velvet at Primal Atlanta: 10 highlights

Ten quick highlights from Green Velvet, DJ Pierre, and J-Luv at Primal Atlanta on Saturday, Feb. 18:

  1. Green Velvet at Primal Atlanta on Sat., Feb. 18. PHOTO BY DAVE FERNANDEZ

    “Flash” live!

  2. “La La Land” live!
  3. Hearing Green Velvet freak “Percolator.”
  4. Watching Cajmere/Green Velvet dance to his own music.
  5. The patio with DJs Kai Alce and Matt “Dough” Donathan.
  6. DJ Pierre dropping “French Kiss” by Lil’ Louis, another legendary Chicago-bred DJ, just before Green Velvet took to the tables.
  7. “Good evening, parents!” In other words, over the hill men in Hawaiian shirts dancing with girls in gold booty-cutters and bikini tops, nipples exposed. HA!
  8. Tambor regulars at Primal Atlanta.
  9. Bartenders who cut deals.
  10. Parking at Chinese Buddah for a short (if cold and damp) walk.

Classic tracks below.



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