Green Velvet at Primal Atlanta: 10 highlights

Ten quick highlights from Green Velvet, DJ Pierre, and J-Luv at Primal Atlanta on Saturday, Feb. 18:

  1. Green Velvet at Primal Atlanta on Sat., Feb. 18. PHOTO BY DAVE FERNANDEZ

    “Flash” live!

  2. “La La Land” live!
  3. Hearing Green Velvet freak “Percolator.”
  4. Watching Cajmere/Green Velvet dance to his own music.
  5. The patio with DJs Kai Alce and Matt “Dough” Donathan.
  6. DJ Pierre dropping “French Kiss” by Lil’ Louis, another legendary Chicago-bred DJ, just before Green Velvet took to the tables.
  7. “Good evening, parents!” In other words, over the hill men in Hawaiian shirts dancing with girls in gold booty-cutters and bikini tops, nipples exposed. HA!
  8. Tambor regulars at Primal Atlanta.
  9. Bartenders who cut deals.
  10. Parking at Chinese Buddah for a short (if cold and damp) walk.

Classic tracks below.

Idle Warship aka Res and Talib Kweli at the Loft: 8 highlights

Idle Warship, aka Res and Talib Kweli, with Sa-Roc and Rock Most, at the Loft on Thurs., Feb. 16.

Eight quick highlights, in order of appearance:

  1. Rock Most’s sweater.
  2. The Rock Most Step. Sorry, I can’t explain it.
  3. Sa-Roc’s entire set. Almost brought tears to my eyes. But the head nodding knocked them out.
  4. Flautist Rasheedah Ali and vocalist Poodie the Byz on “Rain and Sunshine.”
  5. Res taking off her patent-leather booties and putting on a pair of gray Nike mid-tops. All while singing.
  6. “Are You In?”
  7. Res as Stevie Nicks, as in “Dreams.” As in a new EP coming out this summer called Refried Mac full of Fleetwood covers.
  8. Talib Kweli in full big stick swag mode with “Detroit Rock City.” (Thank you, Piggie Holland.)

Idle Warship’s “Laser Beams” and Sa-Roc’s “Rain and Sunshine” video below.