Welcome! I’m Chanté. I work with words, live to encourage, have an affinity for music that makes us move, and I love to connect folks to worthwhile events, information and people.

About Chanté LaGon

She’s worked with words for nearly three decades, from newspaper and book editor to contributing writer for national music publications to corporate content strategist. 

Her love of music is equal to her affinity for writing. She is co-host of the critically acclaimed Atlanta music podcast Mo*Audio, and has shared stages with greats such as The Last Poets and The Roots.  

Her primary objective, no matter the medium, is to foster a sense of belonging and community.  

It’s in encouraging people through words, developing their inner confidence, and connecting them to their legacy’s course that she is most prolific. 

A native of Oak Park, IL, and a 20-plus-year resident of Atlanta, her nonfiction debut serves as the foundation for a specialized curriculum that teaches people best practices for listening to your heart’s directions, staying equipped for life’s twists and turns, and operating from a place of trust. 

She served on the board of Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery for eight years, hosted “Air Loaf” (a weekly arts and entertainment segment) on WMLB-AM (1690) for four years, and has helped plan and create some of the best events Atlanta has seen. She’s provided marketing and consulting expertise for clients in industries from television to real estate, publishing to small business.

Along with encouraging and connecting people and seeing projects come to life, Chanté enjoys good music, dancing to it, working out and spending time with friends and family.

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