Discount admission to Spread Love still available

You’ve got about 2 hours left to get $10 tickets to Spread Love tonight at 595 North. It’s back to the big venue for the return of ’80s Boogie Night. Kemit and guest DJ Daz-I-Kue are on the decks. Plus, they’ll be shooting a video for one of my favorite songs from Kemit’s upcoming album, “Fortune Teller” featuring Eric Roberson. So come to dance and come looking fly if you want to!


Noot d’ Noot, Cloudeater at Star Bar tonight

Decisions, decisions. I bet you could check out Noot d’ Noot, Cloudeater and Glenn Underground if you timed it right.

Cloudeater is probably my favorite Atlanta-based band outside of Mastodon. I first heard them at a park in West End, copped the CD for a couple bucks, and the next thing I know, they’re opening for Little Dragon at the Masquerade. In the big room.

And of course, Noot d’ Noot has been holding down the funky disco music for a minute. Mathis Hunter is the ringleader of a big band where everyone looks and sounds like they are having a good time. You will, too.

$8. Doors at 9 p.m. So go to Star Bar first, check out Cloudeater’s opening set, get warmed up dancing with Noot d’ Noot, then head over to the Sound Table.

Glenn Underground DJing at Sound Table tonight

Chicago has been making a big showing in Atlanta recently, with Terry Hunter having played here on Saturday, and Glenn Underground playing Sound Table tonight for his first Atlanta appearance.

Kai Alce’s monthly Distinctive has brought some legendary DJs through town, and Alce is a force in his own right, many times opening up for the guest DJ or spinning solo.

“Glenn is part of the second generation of pioneers coming from Chicago, right behind legends such as Lil Louis , Larry Heard and Marshall Jefferson,” Alce says. He’s most impressed by Underground’s production — and the Friday-night set is a big deal considering the self-taught keyboardist’s beliefs often prevent such bookings.

$10 all night. Doors at 10 p.m., but you may want to come a wee bit later so that Sound Table’s dinner crowd clears out and you have room to dance.

Chante Sez … I like free stuff. Do you?

You know those tricky grammar rules that always trip us up? Chante Sez … is here to help.

Once a week, you’ll find a Chante Sez Tip of the Day. Sometimes they’ll be basic — a memory aid for remembering the difference between complimentary with an “i” and complementary with an “e,” for example. Other times, they’ll be more in-depth, pulling on more than 16 years of copy editing experience.

(That 16 years can be put to use for your important projects, by the way, if you ever have need for a proofreader or editor.)

And while I’m from the Chicago area, we’ll be using Associated Press style. No serial commas here, sir!

So, going back to that memory aid I mentioned earlier:

  • Anything free = complimentary with an “i.” As in, I like free stuff. Like cocktails and food. I’m sure you do, too.
  • Anything that embellishes = complementary with an “e.” As in that scarf really complements (embellishes) her outfit.

I’m always up for your suggestions on things to cover in Chante Sez, so feel free to send your questions to, or to @ChanteSez on Twitter.

SoulPoetic goes down for free at Southwest Arts Center

Found out about this listening to DJ Tabone’s “Soul Chamber” show on WRFG-FM (89.3) on Wednesday. Jazz vocalists Alex Lattimore and Valencia Robinson will be joined by spoken word artist Okeeba Jubalo for this free event.  I’m not sure how Evolve! Artists Live was able to pull that off — perhaps with help from the Fulton County Arts & Culture office, and our tax dollars that contribute to it — but regardless, take advantage.

Join Jack Preston at DOJO tonight

Jack Preston has been organizing some of the freshest performances monthly since last summer. They’re like jam sessions … but you won’t get bored. The event started in Sound Table — it would be a trip glimpsing Preston rhyming over a few live instruments in a tight cipher in the smallish area — but has been held in Space 2 recently now that it’s officially open.