ChanteSez … You can quote me

Quote marks, or quotation marks, are typically used to indicate what a person has said. Most people understand that part. It’s the punctuation used with quote marks that can be confusing.

As a rule of thumb, quote everything, including the punctuation. In other words, put punctuation inside the quote marks. A few examples:

  • Felabration is one of Atlanta’s most highly anticipated parties,” she said.
  • “How in the world is he able to dance like that?” she asked.
  • “That is going to be one awesome pumpkin carving party!” she exclaimed.


  1. You’re examples are correct, but not every punctuation mark goes inside quotation marks. Are you saying, “Put all punctuation inside quotation marks”?

  2. I’ve always hated this rule, and frequently ignore it.

    Since everyone around me routinely makes juvenile grammar mistakes (e.g. its vs it’s), I’m sure I won’t be getting any complaints about violating the “quote rule”. 🙂

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