ChanteSez … How does your harvest look this season?

Fall is often associated with the time of harvest. If you’ve planted good seeds in rich soil, tended to them, and enough rain has fallen to give your seeds life, fall is when you reap the rewards of your efforts.

I sincerely hope that this season is filled with a bountiful harvest for all of my ChanteSez followers!

That’s the real message for today’s weekly ChanteSez.

But here’s today’s Grammar Tip of the Day: Seasons are not capitalized or abbreviated. Below, find a few more pointers.

  • The only exception to the above rule is when a season begins a sentence.
  • According to the calendar year, the seasons fall in this order: winter, spring, summer, fall. But for those who think of seasons according to the flow of nature, the seasons start with spring and end with winter.
  • Feel free to use “fall” and “autumn” interchangeably.

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