On The Lookout with Peven Everett: 5 quick questions

Peven Everett, a longtime house music producer/vocalist/performer with Chicago roots, is coming to the Sound Table tomorrow night, courtesy of Kai Alce and NDATL/Distinctive. Alce will be spinning, along with ST’s own Karl Injex.

OTL caught up with Everett for 5 quick questions.

Photo by Carlos Bell

1) How are you? (I mean this sincerely!) What’s going on?

Everything’s pretty OK right now. What’s the use in complaining.

2) Give us the rundown of how a (typical, if I may) Peven Everett production comes together.

It’s hard to say so I don’t because often times my explanation is thought to be self-preserving. I think it’s selflessly preserving as well as being involuntarily self-preserving. Everyone does it different and must never tell their method if they wish to have any future value.

3) Who or what are you on the lookout for these days? (It could be an artist, musical style, an inspiration, or an issue in the news.)

I am on the look out for everything.

4) What new projects are you working on? What should we be on the lookout for from you?

Be looking to like what you hear. No matter what.

5) What is the future of house music/soul music, in your opinion?

It could go many ways but only one way is the right way. There are only a few ” artists” with infinite marketing budgets and lips tight enough for a huge payoff as historically seen in the televised part of the music industry. Ninety percent of them — no, 95 percent of them — have been to my live shows  LOL. Music shields my spirit from the little things and keeps the beauty of my dreams from harm. Business and life are like a piano. A hidden hand is useless.

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