ChanteSez … Did my water pipes ‘burst’ or ‘bust’?

A week ago today, my family, friends and neighbors came to my rescue, big time. Two pipes in my house gushed water after the cold snap, and the day before I woke up to no heat — on one of the coldest mornings in Atlanta’s history.

But within 48 hours, the pilot light had been lit in my furnace, a wet vac sucked water out of my soaked carpet, and repairs on the two pipes were complete.

I dedicate this week’s ChanteSez to Duane and Piggie, Jarrad, William, Elton, Aldon and my “Pops.” Thank you for being here for me!

Burst vs. bust — Which is correct? Burst. While “busted” may sound appropriate, it actually refers to an object being smashed, rather than it breaking open from within.

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