ChanteSez … It’s too early for end of the year blues

As we approach the end of the year, there are a few things I feel I’ve done well here at, and just as many that I could have done better.

Funny how that seems to be the way of life. Honestly — today, anyway — I’m not looking at this truth with a contented smile. Today, I am sad.

Lest this turn into one of those blogs, back to the point. Things that worked well, things to improve.

  • For starters, I’ve been consistent with posts … until recently. I’d like to pick things back up in 2014.
  • I’d also like to see more of the “worthwhile people” mentioned in my site’s mission. I’ve focused mostly on the information and events. I’m always open to ideas. Just leave me a comment.
  • When you search “Jamal Ahmad Atlanta” on Google, is likely to show up on the first page!
  • Same for “Kai Alce Atlanta”!
  • You have hung in there with me. I am incredibly thankful for that. Please keep reading, and stay in touch with me.

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