ChanteSez … Check the facts

I made a mistake last week. I made it because I took for granted how to spell the Facebook handle of one of my most loyal followers. What a way to repay her. I feel terrible.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to check the facts. If it’s not your own name, double-check the spelling.

After doing this for a couple of decades now, I’ll often hear that “little voice” that tells me to look over something just one more time, or to do a more thorough fact-check.

But save yourself the trouble — or should I say more trouble later — and make it part of your routine to check each and every fact that you can. That includes names and places, and running spellcheck once you’ve given your post the once over and don’t intend to make any further edits.

You’ll feel good about it once the article or post is published, and so will the folks who trusted you with an interview or their readership.

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