ChanteSez … Keep it 100

I like the saying “Keep it 100.” Since it’s a reference to “100 percent,” let’s talk about using “percent” in your writing.

  • Always spell out “percent.”
  • Exception: headlines or titles, where it’s OK to use the % symbol.
  • If you’re comparing percentages, always use “percent” after both figures. For example, “The business has seen an increase of between 40 percent and 50 percent compared to last year.”
  • Speaking of figures, always use numerals when pairing them with “percent” — even when they’re single digits. For example, “She decreased the errors in her writing by 8 percent after reading ChanteSez every week.”




    1. Hi Chris! The second example is the correct one. Always repeat “percent” or the percentage sign. The idea is to eliminate any confusion between a finite number of units and a percentage. Great question!

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