Lack of quality women? Yes, says I Need a Wife book

There are men who want to say “I do,” but a lack of quality women often makes them say “I won’t,” according to a new book by psychotherapist and author Jack A. Daniels.

Daniels will share some of the insights he learned while researching and writing I Need a Wife: Where Are the Real Women? on Saturday, 7-9 p.m., at the Green Room Actor’s Lounge.

After sold-out events in Macon and Knoxville, I’m sure Daniels is hoping for a strong turnout in the ATL. With dating and relationships being an ever-popular topic, from films — I met Daniels at the Atlanta premier of marriages-can-make-it docutainment movie Still Standing — to magazines, it’s a reasonable expectation.

It helps that I Need a Wife flips the script, with men expressing sentiments often shared by women. Daniels interviewed 1,000 men, and they tell “why they’re still single and the major role women play in this dilemma,” according to press materials.

Are the book and its related events self-serving? Daniels says he’s “sincere” in his promo video, and it’s possible that this started as a personal quest to find a quality woman to settle down with.

But there’s a part of me that feels suckered — like, of course any woman with hopes of getting married wants to hear that there are plenty of men ready to tie the knot. It’s a ready-made, Steve Harvey-proven market.

Check things out for yourself on Saturday. The event is free.

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